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CITAQUA – A Citizen Science approach for freshwater quality monitoring at Estarreja city

"Climate change is enhancing the effects of anthropogenic pollution, leading to severe impacts on inland water systems and posing risks to human health. Therefore, adaptation and mitigation actions for these major challenges related to water quality are crucial but must start involving local populations in the decision-making processes. Citizen Science approaches can be a powerful tool to engage citizens and scientists for a same purpose through a responsible and conscious action, taking advantage of recent technology.

The CITAQUA project is a Citizen Science approach for Estarreja population through the monitoring of the downstream section of Antuã River and wells/boreholes from the surrounding areas, concerning nitrates and faecal contamination. Fortnightly, citizens make sampling and measurements for nitrate levels and the data report through web is promoted. Periodically, faecal contamination is also carried out with the support of qualified technicians.

CITAQUA has the major aim of increasing awareness about water quality and impacts from climate change and anthropogenic activities, by connecting academic scientists with local authorities and citizens (with a special focus on Youth).

(This project is financed by LabEx DRIIHM and involves several institutions such as Aveiro University (Dep. Biology and ESTGA), the National Health Institute Dr. Ricardo Jorge and Estarreja Municipality and local schools.)